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Gaomon M10K 2018

This breed of tablet is easy to care for but has some brain problems. Doesn’t like walks.

Simbans PicassoTab

An independent, no-computer-needed screen tablet designed for beginning artists and art students.

XP-Pen Deco 02

XP-Pen’s drawing tablets are a little different than others.

Huion L4S Light Box

If you get into animating with a light box, red and blue pencil for rough frames can help.

Kaizo Trap Winners

Congrats to the very few people who solved the hidden puzzle in Scribble Kibble #62.

GinjaNinjaOwO + Amino #97

GinjaNinja’s journey through every fandom, MAP, and animation meme you can imagine – and beyond!

Eddsworld #93

I’ve never seen Eddsworld until now. Bacon included after credits.

Banana Cat #92

Compare an animatic with the final animation alongside a bouncy, floppy banana cat.

Gaomon M106K #91

I used to say you needed to spend at least $100 for a good tablet, but I was wrong.

Ernest & Celestine #90

This fantastic all-ages movie features watercolor animation made in Flash with handmade watercolor backgrounds.

Sahara: Netflix Original #89

Snakes breakdance in this terrible movie featuring a serpent who snorts sand and has a surfer dude voice. Details on how the trippy 2D/3D sequence in the middle of the film is animated.

Gaomon PD1560 #87

A small screen tablet with great colors that is actually portable!

Here’s the Plan #86

A film about marriage and goals lets us talk about 3D animation and color scripts in today’s episode.

Cuphead #84

It looks like a hose and it moves like rubber! Rubber Hose Animation

Diamond Jack #82

A cartoon by Rachel Kim that uses a loose animation style and classic backgrounds.

Masquerada #81

Live commentary on animation in the game Masquerada, an RPG where you run around in a mask and investigate the case of a missing person.

Gaomon S56K #80

You can’t beat the price, but this is definitely a tablet for beginners, as it lacks the professional control of tablets higher up in the price range.

Huion GT-191 #79

If you’re wondering if this tablet is as good as the one that’s 2x the price, it pretty much is.