Komi Can’t Communicate

An introduction to framing and composition in animation, which Komi Can’t Communicate uses in a unique way because its main character never talks.

A lot of this is a mini tutorial on filmography/cinematography camera, shot size, angle, etc. The same principles matter a lot for comics too. I could talk and talk and talk about these things because they ultimately make the difference between a good animation and a GREAT animation.

If I’d realized earlier how cool the text effects in the anime are I’d have focused more on those! Instead this touches briefly on how the art is set up to make things stressful, lonely, anxious, and awkward.

Komi Can’t Communicate, on Netflix
An anime adaptation of the manga by Tomohito Oda.


“Jester” “Pizz Bass Loop” “Disco” – dl-sounds.com
“Soul House” – Felixjd
“Somnolence” – Kai Engle
“Cuban Heat” “Friends Stay Till The End” – John Bartmann

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