Scribble Kibble is a show about animation made by rogue animator Crowne Prince. Episodes come in many different flavors: green look at a specific animation and how it was made, yellow are tutorials and animation topics, blue bring guests onto the show, pink are chances to be a part of the show, and red are animations. Maybe one day there will even be a polka-dot episode, or a camouflage episode!

Many episodes have a Kibble Corner at the end where I respond to your comments and feature fan art. If you made some art, you can send it to me in any of the ways on the contact page.

Scribble Kibble runs purely off of tips and support from viewers. A typical episode takes 10-15 hours to make, but some take much longer. If you like the show, you can push buttons on the Crowne Prince website here to keep it alive. If you want to become a sponsor and have yourself, your company or product mentioned in an episode introduction, please email me.

For more cartoons, art prices, and general shenanigans, visit the animator’s site: www.crowneprince.horse.