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Love, Death & Robots #105

How some of the realistic 3D and stylized 2D animations were created in Netflix’s anthology “Love, Death, and Robots.”

Huion HS64

A mini drawing tablet that works on computers and Android phones/tablets.

Miraculous Ladybug #104

How and why Miraculous Ladybug started out as a dark 2D anime but became a cute 3D children’s show.

Steven Universe + Onion Skin #102

The process of animating an episode of Steven Universe, what it’s like working at a studio with guest Onion Skin, and results from the offhand drawing challenge.

Season 3

A new season of Scribble Kibble.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

A sturdy, good sized tablet with great colors that works in almost everything. Better value than the 16 Pro.

Gaomon M10K 2018

This breed of tablet is easy to care for but has some brain problems. Doesn’t like walks.

Simbans PicassoTab

An independent, no-computer-needed screen tablet designed for beginning artists and art students.

XP-Pen Deco 02

XP-Pen’s drawing tablets are a little different than others.

Huion L4S Light Box

If you get into animating with a light box, red and blue pencil for rough frames can help.

Kaizo Trap Winners

Congrats to the very few people who solved the hidden puzzle in Scribble Kibble #62.

GinjaNinjaOwO + Amino #97

GinjaNinja’s journey through every fandom, MAP, and animation meme you can imagine – and beyond!

Eddsworld #93

I’ve never seen Eddsworld until now. Bacon included after credits.

Banana Cat #92

Compare an animatic with the final animation alongside a bouncy, floppy banana cat.

Gaomon M106K #91

I used to say you needed to spend at least $100 for a good tablet, but I was wrong.

Ernest & Celestine #90

This fantastic all-ages movie features watercolor animation made in Flash with handmade watercolor backgrounds.

Sahara: Netflix Original #89

Snakes breakdance in this terrible movie featuring a serpent who snorts sand and has a surfer dude voice. Details on how the trippy 2D/3D sequence in the middle of the film is animated.

Gaomon PD1560 #87

A small screen tablet with great colors that is actually portable!