High Guardian Spice


High Guardian Spice, Crunchyroll Original Series

This show’s animation is good enough to make the perfect bad example. Don’t do these things and live a long, prosperous art life.

Buff Stuff Cat: Shirt 💪🐱 Sticker

This Scribble Kibble episode is a fun exploration of the baffling technical art errors in the show. There must have been significant behind-the-scenes problems while making HGS. I honestly feel really bad for everyone involved. Surviving this kind of flop and continuing to create in spite of all the negative reviews is an extreme test of willpower.


“Mokusei” – RichaadEB
“Quirky Dog” – Kevin MacLeod
“Sneaky Snooper” “Yeah Yeah Yeah” audionautix.com
“Storytime” – Myuu
“Up Kilkenny” – Josh Woodward
“Allez Allez” “Carnival Sweat” “Congo Bongo Stomp” “Nova Serenade” – John Bartmann
“Funny Frog Loop” “The Folk Inn” dl-sounds.com
“The Lounge” bensound.com

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