Primal’s fantastic animation captures the violence of survival on a primordial planet where everything wants to kill you. The series is a monstrous rare showcase in storytelling without dialogue. If you can stomach gore (or if you live for it), the show is a great study in sound design, animated expression, and action. Its brilliance becomes more apparent when you pick through any of the episodes you really like. Plague of Madness scars for life.

If Primal reminds you of Samurai Jack except with modern pacing, that’s because this dinosaur caveman insanity comes from the same creator: Genndy Tartakovsky.


“Swingin’ Richards” “Sailing Away” “Get Evil” – Holizna
“Samovar Party” – Shane Ivers

“True North” – AfterInfinity Music
“This Reminds Me Of Something” – Sim Gretina
“Afternoon Jungle” “Rinji Forest” – DL Sounds
“Bumping Into Each Other” – John Bartmann
“The Future” – Max Brhon [NCS Release]

Fan Art

Mr Winter