Review I Should’ve Done

Cintiq 24 Pro vs 27QHD

⭐️ Drawing Equipment Featured ⭐️
• Wacom Flex Arm (Monitor arms are life-changing tools.)
official wacom flex arm tutorial
• Screen Protectors (Do you need one? My scratch test says yes.)
• Three Button Tablet Pen (I prefer 2 buttons.)
Cintiq 24 Pro
Cintiq 27QHD Touch

I wanted to make this video a long time ago. Unlike a true review this a simple talk from someone who’s used a Cintiq every day for 6 years.

That crazy Cintiq Pro fan was enough to make me almost switch back to the 27QHD. The fan fix made a huge difference and I’m happy now.

There are several features of Wacom tablets and how their software works that make it worth the investment for me. If $ is a problem there are other types of Wacom tablets competitively priced; this video is not about how to save you money, it’s about some of the best tools on the market. When you’re considering a Cintiq you’re likely a full time artist. I can say, yes, end of 2020 there is still a definite physical quality and good customer support difference between Wacom versus its rising star competitors.

I paid for the 27QHD with my own blood, sweat, and tears. I marked the video as paid promo because of the 24″ Cintiq I received pro bono. I was not asked to make a review; I did so because talking about long-term Cintiq ownership outside of livestreams is something I meant to do long before companies started asking me to review their products.

I’m glad I quit reviews. Tech reviews were sucking away lots of animating hours.

⭐️ Reasons I Prefer Cintiqs ⭐️
The expresskey remote. On the same remote the same button has a different shortcut if I’m using Toon Boom than when I am using Photoshop. Wacom’s custom button programming is unrivaled.

Quality. The quality of materials is better than what cheaper brands use.

Screen Colors. Some other brands I’ve used had great screen colors as well.

Compatibility. I’ve never used an art program Wacom didn’t understand. Compatibility was an issue for some other brands.

Longevity. I haven’t tried using a cheap tablet for any length of time so I can’t say from experience how well other brands would hold up. I’d love to hear from any 5-year owners of other brands, good or bad ownership stories!

Customer Support. Personally I’ve had really great customer support experiences with Wacom. I had little contact with other brands’ customer support but their English was overall much weaker.