Time to appreciate that Lackadaisy is hand animated and there are no rigs. The style leaves in the sketchy animation lines from the final rough pass of the animation, rather than hiding them. Its gritty look works well for a jazzy gangster cat world set in the 1900’s time of USA prohibition (when alcohol was illegal).

Tracy Butler’s Lackadaisy comic has unequivocally amazing art, and the production team for the movie did a fantastic job at creating a style worth its salt. We’re lucky they went with 2D hand animation instead of trying to perfectly mirror the complex look of the comics via 2D puppets or 3D models.

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Lackadaisy Rough Animations: coffin | sketch | driving
Aaron Blaise Pencil Animation for Beauty and the Beast


“Swingin’ Richards” “Sailing Away” “Get Evil” – Holizna
“Samovar Party” – Shane Ivers

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