Topic: line art


What happens when you hire two different animation studios to animate the same horse?

Among Us #112

How to make your own Among Us character and kill animations.

Mayhem #111

Creation of hand painted animation backgrounds and cels.

Love, Death & Robots #105

How some of the realistic 3D and stylized 2D animations were created in Netflix’s anthology “Love, Death, and Robots.”

Ernest & Celestine #90

This fantastic all-ages movie features watercolor animation made in Flash with handmade watercolor backgrounds.

Diamond Jack #82

A cartoon by Rachel Kim that uses a loose animation style and classic backgrounds.

Saga of Rex #77

A Toon Boom animation with its own saga, made by a very enterprising VFX animator!

Gildedguy vs Bog #75

An excellent fight animation that shows how spacing in animation makes great action sequences.

Double King #59

A fun, fluid animation about a king. Lessons on “twinning” in animation and Flash’s pencil tool.

Spirit Chaser #35

A spirit fox faces his greatest enemy with perfect harmony between music and animation, the art of eyes, and 2D special effects animation.

Wolfsong #14

A wolf goes to get her pup back from a hunter.