Gaomon PD1560 #87


Gaomon PD1560
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Installation Drivers

A small screen tablet with great colors that is actually portable! Paint Tool SAI 2 is supposed to work with this tablet (I only have 1). The “oil” is from the glue on the back of the protector. It came back 24 hours after washing. At this point throw the protector out and order a new one. I recommend NuShield protectors.

Price: $400
Drawing Area: 14 x 8″ (350 x 200mm)
Shortcut Keys: 10
Pros: Comes with EVERYTHING. Great colors. Portable. High quality pressure sensitivity.
Cons: May need to be cleaned before using for the first time. Fast artists need to slow down in Paint Tool SAI.


“Desert Snake,” “Midnight in Texas,” and “8 pm” by RiMo