How to Animate Textured 2D Characters #36

I forgot to mention at 6:25 that instead of making your own animated texture, you can use one of the After Effects presets by going to Layer — New — Solid, and dragging that new layer onto the timeline. Then from the Effects & Presets window, drag one of the Animation Presets — Backgrounds onto the layer.

Textured Puppets 0:25
Designing: 0:25
Creating in Photoshop: 0:57
Creating in Animate/Flash: 1:11

Painting Textures 2:24
Exporting & importing animation frames: 2:45
Painting Photoshop timeline animations: 3:17
Photoshop onion skin: 4:00
Photoshop effects: 4:13
Exporting transparent background Photoshop animations: 4:25
Put animation frames together in a video editor 5:11

Special Effects Textures 5:41
Mask a texture onto a character: 5:41
Creating an animated texture 6:25
Mask an animated texture onto a character: 6:47
Use time remapping to set when the animated texture starts and stops 7:18

More Tutorials 8:06